When does a soccer club become more than a soccer club?

That’s the question the Board of Directors of Watchung Hills SA/NJ Elite asked itself.  Recognizing the commitment players make to their own soccer development and to the Club; the Board created a set of core values.

Frank Sena, President of Watchung Hills SA/NJ Elite explains.Unfortunately, youth soccer in the United States has become a big business.  Too many clubs are making decisions from a financial point of view.  There is an inherent conflict between meeting obligations to investors/ owners (profit) versus obligations to players (development and safety).  Sadly, in most clubs, the players lose.  As a non-profit organization, we are in a unique position to adopt a different approach.”

The club established seven core principles to support club members as people and not just players.

The skills required to succeed in soccer, in a team environment translate off the field as well.” said Mark Lowdon, Director of Coaching.  “The implementation of these core principles allows us to help players develop both on and off the soccer field.  On the soccer field, we’ll continue to provide superior coaching, training and facilities.  Off the soccer field, we’ll help our players develop into model citizens and future leaders within the community.  We hope that players will see the example the club is setting and realize success is not only defined by winning.

Going forward, every decision the club makes will be in support of one, some or all of the principles identified.  Over the next several weeks, these core values will be shared with club members.  In addition, several exciting new initiatives will be announced that are a direct result of this new approach to youth soccer.



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