About Watchung Hills Soccer Association

Established in 1978, Watchung Hills Soccer Association [WHSA] is an established soccer club in the heart of New Jersey’s soccer landscape.

With an emphasis on serving the youth soccer players of Long Hill Township, Warren, Watchung & Green Brook, WHSA offers recreational, travel and elite level soccer programs. WHSA offers professional training and coaching in each of our programs, employing top caliber trainers from United Soccer Academy. 


WHSA’s Director of Coaching oversees all aspects of the soccer curriculum in our club. 

Meet Frank Sena


With 20+ years of youth soccer experience, Frank has been a Board Member of the Watchung Hills Soccer Association for 12 years and President since 2012. During his tenure, Frank has continually stressed the club’s player focused approach which includes i) treating every player with respect, ii) providing every player with the right level of competition at the right stage of their development and iii) developing model citizens as well as soccer players.

Frank has been instrumental in creating partnerships with like minded clubs such as Match Fit Academy and New Jersey Surf Soccer Club. 

Frank, Sena



Mark brings a wealth of soccer experience to Watchung Hills Soccer Association. While he has been working within the club since 2005, he was added as the Director of Coaching in the spring of 2017. Mark is also the Associate Director of United Soccer Academy where he has been since 2005.

A native of Broadstairs, England, Mark played at Charles Dickens High School where he captained the team for 5 years. From there, he went on to represent his county (Kent) for 2 years before going to play for Crystal Palace. Mark moved over to the States in 2005 and played a season with the New Jersey Rangers. He currently holds the Director of Coaching Diploma, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma and the USSF D License.


Mark is responsible for overseeing all training related matters within the Recreation, Travel & NJ Elite programs.


Director of College Recruitment

John’s role as the Director of College Recruitment is to work with our players and their families to ensure that they are fully educated on what it means to play at the collegiate level so they can make the decision that is best for them. This is accomplished by taking the time to understand what players are looking for as part of their desired college experience. At this stage, this does NOT include soccer. We, as a club, recognize that players are attending college to further their education, develop the skills necessary to excel in the outside world and create lasting friendships and memories. IF they choose to play soccer and are fortunate enough to do so; so much the better.  


The recruitment information and best practices used come as a direct result of John’s collaboration with approximately 120 college soccer programs across the United States.

Student Athletes


We are proud to offer a $1,000 scholarship to one male and one female high school senior.
Awards are based primarily on past involvement in WHSA programs, an essay, and academic achievement. 

board of directors

Frank Sena


Mark Lowdon

Director of Coaching


VP – Travel Program

John Sciacchitano

Director of College Recruitment/Social

Leslee Singh

VP – Recreation Program


Service Club Coordinator

Linda Bosco


Mary Balkonis


Brian Thomas

Facilities, Ref Assignor

Kevin Cale



Video Production

Giacomo Cocchiara

Fundraising Coordinator

Antonio Pagkalinawan

TOPS Coordinator

Anna MOHAllim

Recreation Program/Fundraising